My Story

Hi there! I’m Edgar. Welcome to my surrealistic turtle world in a little bit of yours.

If you take life seriously, you’re not perfect and have a naughty streak then you’re in the right place. If you can find pleasure in life’s small things and  appreciate a little hack on them every now and again, then you definitely need to be here. If you want a little style, humour, respect and honesty around you then look no further.  My products have been developed with my friends. Everyone in life has a skill which is worth using from crowdfunding to tea tasting or even just giving an honest opinion.

Above all my friends and I have heaps of fun creating new things. While we have lots of ups, we also have the downs…nothing that doesn’t even out after a few cuppas & beers.

Along the way I meet friends who are less fortunate. I like to help them where I can.

So if you appreciate my take on things, check out my products. If you like them that’s great, if you don’t just show a little love :-)

Cheers Edgar

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