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Tea for Foodies

Just like wine,  good tea is about drinking it on a moment you will enjoy it to it’s maximum. It should make you feel special whatever the occasion, whatever the time. At the same time tea is something that is deeply comforting, deeply ordinary, deeply compassionate. In fact as a tea lover tea is so much part of you it belongs to you and  not only in a teapot, a wine glass or a tea mug but also in your food.  Have you ever tried cooking with tea? By splashing some left over morning brew into a hot pan of dark browned meat and mushrooms for the evenings beef casserole?  Or better still saving that cold tea and using it to make a delicious barmbrack. Who says baking real cake takes time. This cake takes less time to make than drinking a cup of tea. Try it.

Just like wine it is easy to go on for hours about the finesse of different quality teas and I just love to do that but I also love to cook with my teas, to experiment and see what flavours match my delicious brews. Try it and you will find that tea is as much a good cooking ingredient than the other herbs you use in the kitchen. A pinch of tea leaves can do so much more. During the coming weeks I will be giving you a few interesting tea recipes so watch this space…