My socks improve your soxlife

Edgar’s Blog: My socks improve your soxlife


After the crime scene image I have followed up with an even spicier picture. This one is called ”My socks will improve your soxlife”

WHAT!!!? Sexlife? No, soxlife! But it’s just how you see it. I think socks are quite sexy. Socks are made for your feet and your feet are a very intimate part of your body. You don’t just touch someone’s feet and when you do touch the feet of your partner, lover or date things are getting pretty intimate…

Let’s go back to socks. The cool thing about socks is that they are an extension of your underwear. Your underwear is something you do not show to everyone. The last 10 years things have changed quite a bit. Socks can be more part of your outfit and it’s OK to show off with nice looking socks. What this really means is that you show a little bit more of your inner self. Although maybe a few people see your socks you know for yourself you’re rocking them in those fancy looking shoes.

Wearing cool and good quality socks means that you take care of your feet. When someone takes good care of his feet you can assume they will do so with the rest of their body parts as well. And that is sexy!

Last but not least socks tell something about a man. Large socks means he must have big ….. feet! For turtles this doesn’t count though. I may have small feet but have I four of them…..

Use your imagination and wear my socks, have fun and enjoy them. I will be looking  forward to hearing about your….soxlife!

Not to forget: you can button up your socks after he or she knocked your socks off. They will be paired after washing and be ready to be worn again. Buy some socks and up your soxlife!

My socks improve your soxlife