Edgar’s Blog: Face your fears

What do you fear?

Let’s face it, we all fear something. It can be a simple thing or something important. But fear works as a limiter for our own body. The limit created by fear protects us from getting hurt. This can be physical or mental. We do not want to feel pain, so we even fear the fact of getting hurt!  That’s weird because on the other side it can also bring more joy.

Why do we fear if it can bring us joy? Yes, we like where we are, what we are doing or who we know… but are we truly open for new things, new places or new people? Well for everything there is a first time! Changes happen all the time. That means you have faced a lot of fear already. Of course it’s not that scary if you know it will have a positive outcome. Making the change by yourself not knowing what the outcome will be is a different story and especially when the change you are making might hurt someone else. Maybe someone you love. In the end you will never know until you have faced your fears!

So let’s face our fears and make a change!? It can bring us interesting situations. We might learn something new, make new friends or even better, get to know ourselves better. Make a list of the fears you like to face and start today! This is my list of fears I would like to face :)

  • Swimming without keeping my eyes closed
  • Cleaning my closet
  • Talking to a stranger
  • Ring up an old pall that I haven’t spoken for a long time
  • Ask for a promotion. Hey, you can always ask…
  • Taking dancing lessons
  • Last but not least! Applying for the mud masters obstacle run!