Summer tea

Edgar’s Blog: Summer vibes!

21st  of June! Aka start of summer!

On this day the sun will be up for the longest number of  hours possible in one day. Almost 17 hours of daylight and maybe even more depending on your latitude. Summer always makes me very happy. Personally I think it’s the most social season of the year. Catching up with friends and spending the late balmy evenings outside enjoying drinks on a cafe terrace. I love it!

At this time of year my  bucket list gets a lot longer. Here are a few things I most def recommend to do this summer.

  • Sailing! Rent a small boat and enjoy the calmness of the water. Cruise along in the canals of Amsterdam with friend and a small BBQ. Or perhaps take a sailboat and be surrounded by wind, water and sunshine.
  • Go work outside! Be creative find new ideas in the great outdoors. All those phone calls or emails can wait a few hours, save them and hit the terrace. Pick a sunny spot instead of a boring restaurant for that important meeting. Is your laptop practically your office? Get your sandals, and sunglasses and go outside to work. Believe me you will do more work than you’ve imagined and that’s not including the extra inspiration and regeneration. Tip: A new hotel in Amsterdam with a rooftop pool! You can also enter the lounge just for drinks and have a swim.
  • Beach! Go to the beach. It sounds a bit like a cliché , it’s so sandy and crowded…. But hey most pubs are more crowded and then you don’t mind. The best way for me to enjoy the beach is when people leave. Leave the office with colleagues and head for the beach on ordinary weekday. When you arrive most people have gone home. Fire up the BBQ, grill up and sip (long Island) Ice tea.
  • Extreme sports! Go extreme and try out a new sport that you might never have dared to do. Wake boarding, surfing, paragliding, base jumping. Most of these sports are a lot more fun in warm and sunny weather.
  • Weekend trips! Last minute deals, train tickets, hotel discounts almost everything is cheaper at this time of the year. Just google for good deals. A weekend in a different city can feel like a short holiday. Go on an adventure!

So these are just a few things I will be doing this summer. Let me know what you are doing and hashtag it with Edgar! #WithEdgar #BBQ #withEdgar, @Beach #withEdgar #sailing #withEdgar etc.

I have a special summer item for you > The inflatable turtle