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Edgar’s blog: Newspaper article With Edgar

Newspaper article With Edgar by Chantal Lindsen

On Saturday 4th June  Chantal Lindsen published and article about my brand With Edgar in a dutch national newspaper, the AD or Algemeen Dagblad. Due to popular request from our international followers and customers we have made an english translation. Read and Enjoy.

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START Tekst:

Tea in England been popular for years. The Rotterdamer Bob Wouters wants to make the Dutch hot for the healthy and natural brew. Not with the fabricated tea from a teabag, but with real loose tea. Meet With Edgar.

With his somewhat pale face and dressed in a suit you could be mistaken in thinking the 26-year old Dutchman Bob Wouters is an Englishman. But nothing is less true. His partner Tracey Stomp (53), however, speaks clearly with an English accent. I am English ” Tracey smiles friendly.

Bob and Tracey Stomp have a nice office in a beautiful pre-war building on the Heemraadssingel. It is from here that the real tea dream is realized. It works because even though the tea brand  has only been on the market since November it is already being sold all around the world.  “But it’s still not fast enough for us, ” said the tea lovers in unison.

Worldwide fans. This is not just thanks to the brand image and it’s a nice marketing story with the adorable cheeky turtle Edgar. The tea of ​​the Rotterdam brand is actually a gem among the many tea brands in The Netherlands. Where Bob has the creative entrepreneurial spirit Tracey possesses the ‘tea’ knowledge from her experience as a tea buyer.

The born and bred entrepreneur started when he was 12 years old selling keyrings he made at home.  Bob broke his studies HBO Commercial Management prematurely to fulfill his passion: his own brand under which different products can be launched. Products resulting from his own needs.

About a year ago With Edgar brand launched a collection of colorful socks. “I always lost my socks in the wash, so I made a button on the socks so that you can tie them together, ” Bob said.

From socks to tea. Bob explains: “Coffee is currently undergoing a revolution. We also want to bring this to the tea industry. After the introduction of the tea bag, this market has seen little innovation. Like Tracey I love real loose tea. “

Tea With Edgar tea has again emerged from their own needs.

In the tea lab the couple’s friends and family taste different teas. Not the regular flavours of loose tea, but for example, green tea with lemon grass and juniper berries. Or a tea which does not contain any real tea and is made of nuts, ginger, apple, beetroot and cinnamon. The so-called Nuts4Nuts. “Very popular, ” said Bob. “ And Detox, because that sounds healthy”. “And it is,” adds Tracey.


We must take the test in tea lab where Bob shows how to taste tea. The tea should be scooped as a spoonful, slurped into the mouth and spat out into the spittoon. It sounds somewhat nasty. The tea is not. It is surprisingly tasty. The oolong be strong is a favourite due to the combination of oolong, flowers and saffron.

Tracey: “Tea contains less caffeine than coffee, it does not give a caffeine shot but a prolonged alertness”. Incidentally, you can serve most teas cold and you have a very healthy alternative for lemonades and sugary soft drinks.”

For those who are tired of teabags in the office, With Edgar also has a funky tea thermos bottle with tea filter.

“We have lots of great ideas. ”

END Tekst.