Edgar’s blog: Save turtles from the nets

Turtles die every year when accidentally caught in fishing nets

My relatives have covered vast distances across the world’s oceans, filling a vital role in the balance of marine habitats for more than 100 million years.

Hundreds of thousands of turtles are accidentally caught and die in fishing gear every year

Many of these injuries and deaths take place while my friends are migrating through fishing areas. The turtles, attracted to the bait, get caught on the hooks used to catch fish.

While all sea turtles are affected by commercial fisheries. Loggerheads and leatherbacks have the greatest risk because of their feeding habitats.

Watch the video to see just what I am talking about.

How can you help?

  1. Pledge to buy seafood that’s certified as being sustainable and urge stores and restaurants to carry certified fish.
  2. Support Marine Eco Tourism when you are on holiday. Just like our Friends at Kosgoda in Sri Lanka.
  3. Make a good buy when travelling.Think twice and ask at least a few questions before buying that tortoiseshell souvenir, coral jewelery or snakeskin belt.

Interesting links: WWF

Watch this video I shared on Facebook.

Cheers Edgar