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Edgar’s blog: “Quality coz it makes me feel good”

“Quality coz it makes me feel good”

A friend of Edgar just mailed me to compliment me on the quality of my socks. He said he never had socks that have lasted him for such along time.

Let me tell you 3 good things about my socks: soft, less sweat and hardwearing

My socks are soft because of the composition, I use a combination of 80% combed cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastine. The combed cotton is soft and good for your feet. The long cotton fibres ensure that there is more stretch in the socks. More stretch in the fibre means we can use less of the synthetic products like elastine and polyamide when making the socks. Less synthetics, less sweat, less skin irritation, less smell and fewer awkward moments.

Hard wearing because my socks use a different weaving method to ensure reinforcement of heel and toe areas. No holes…no more worries about kicking your shoes off on a date.

Last but not least whatever way you look at it, my socks are good for your soxlife.

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