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Edgar’s Blog: Why tea man?

A few of my mates have asked why I added a tea line to my brand With Edgar. So here’s the chat.

One day I met up with some tea peeps and they invited me to a tea tasting. It was at this tea tasting I realized that there is a whole world of tea out there that we just don’t know about. Especially so in The Netherlands. It was at this tea tasting session that I also realized that there is a whole group of young peeps out there who never ever drink loose tea. They are also so unaware of the health benefits of drinking tea.  It became my mission to start up and try and get young peeps interested in drinking loose tea. After all how many café lattes, espressos and cokes can you drink in a day? We need some alternatives with much less caffeine, fat and sugar.  With a few peeps off the street, friends and followers we choose a few new flavours that are easy to drink for people not used to drinking tea. The Drink Tea With Edgar range contains a few pure teas and a  few pure teas blended with herbs and spices. Things seems to be taking off and that I am pleased about. Where next? To develop the pallets of my new clients and make them connoisseurs of tea and show them the endless variations of this wonderful product. I am on a mission, making tea hip!

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