Choco masala chai

Edgar’s Blog: Choco Masala Chai

Do you like hot Choco or prefer Masala Chai?

Well I like both! And call it Choco Masala Chai. Last month I was at the Chocolate fair in Eindhoven. Chocolate is an interesting product category that is changing very fast. Just like tea and coffee the production process is very important. People want to know where their chocolate is coming from. And the quality chocolatiers are focusing on this more then ever. This way there’s a whole new culture emerging, the bean to bar philosophy. Instead of buying the prepared cocoa paste and turning this into chocolate the quality chocolatiers are now getting involved with the the coco beans and the production of chocolate from stat to finish. Weirdly enough this is very normal in the tea and coffee industry but with chocolate not yet.

At the Chocolate fair last month I spoke with one of these chocolatiers and he literally saved the coco bean husks, called cocoa nibs! The nibs also give a chocolate kind flavour. He suggested I try to brew it like tea, ok… Of course a tea lover like me, I tried a few combinations  and finally mixed the cocoa nibs with my Masala Chai. Brewed it for a few minutes and gave it a try. OMG! It’s freaking delicious!  You have just got to try it! BUY CHOCO MASALA CHAI. *send me an email,