Edgar's Blog: International kissing day! man and woman kissing. Black and white picture

Edgar’s Blog: International kissing day!

This Wednesday it is international kissing day.

And I think we all should celebrate this special day!

What makes kissing so special? Is it the fact that you are very close to someone? Or because it’s a little bit sensuous? Or maybe exciting because you are letting someone in your comfortzone? Thinking about it there are a lot of weird things going on in a kiss that aren’t practical or would be particularly attractive at another moment. For example,  human noses are not in a great position for that kiss, a difference in height between the kiss partners can be annoying and that’s not to mention a bad breath… And is that really you?

All those awkward things that give us a little hesitation. But the moment your lips touch the lips of your kissing partner fireworks are exploding. All the awkward feelings are gone. That’s the magic of a kiss! A small kiss on the cheek or a full on kiss on the lips just go for it today!

PS I found a nice video about kissing. Have a look and let me know what you think.

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