Women’s Equality Day. Emma Watson

Edgar’s Blog: Women’s Equality Day

Women’s Equality Day! A day which shouldn’t be a special day at all… Today there are lots of women with a good jobs, top management  positions, or running their own company.  This might look great but a lot of women are still oppressed.

Women’s Equality Day became an official day on the 26th of August 1920. When votes for women became officially a part of the US constitution. The Scandinavian countries like Finland, Norway, Denmark and European countries like Netherlands, Germany and UK were a few years in front of the US on giving women the right to vote. In 1945 Italy was the last European country to give women the right to vote. New Zealand was the big leader with equal voting rights in 1893 and 118 years later Saudi Arabia in 2011. This leaves only Brunei, that has not yet given equal voting rights for women.

The 26th of August is a celebration day for equal rights between women and men. This was the result of a huge civil rights movement that has been campaigning worldwide for more than a hundred years. In the last century, great women have proved that they are capable of achieving great things.. Women like Rosa Parks, Enid Charles, Gina Krog, Fredrik Borg, Emmeline Pankhurst have fought for womens rights and inspired many oppressed women.

The last century has shown more than ever what both women and men are capable of achieving, given the opportunity. Being able to vote was a huge step forward. Today, women’s equality has grown to more than the right to vote. Organisations like Equality Now and Womankind Worldwide are operating all over the world with the mission to give women equal opportunities to education and employment. There are just over 3.4 billion women on this planet. Women’s Equality Day started almost hundred years ago and it’s sad to see that there still are women who are victims of discrimination. We must continue brave work that was started all those years ago.