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Edgar’s blog: 2016 trending at this very minute

2016 trending, trending and trending at this very minute….

The Brexit. The European football championships. The 5:2 diet. Mindfulness. Self-tracking. The standing desk. Paleo meal plans, (aanpassing schijf van vijf), Snorting Chocolate. Life in 2016 means a constant stream of new apps, connected devices, eating fads, lifestyle movements, constant on line information and more. Trending, trending, trending. Don’t miss it!

For innovators, one Big Question emerges: where is all this heading? One thing is certain: the world is full of meditation apps whilst on the other hand more and more peeps seek the advice of a physchiatrist. Overload.

This is, for an emerging brand like With Edgar an absolute minefield.

Where do I start? On-line platform or off-line platform? In with that trend, out with that trend? How did those world changers like Steve Jobs do it? What made them different? How can I with my loose tea and socks become a success? It is a hard think and I am still thinking, every day.

I can’t help feeling that somewhere we peeps are loosing perspective. It simply does not matter what’s trending because it is short lived anyway. What are we afraid of it we miss the trend?

We get bored real quick with the content on our screens but yet we have no patience to sit down and enjoy a meal with mates without looking at our mobile screens to check what we have missed, no internet means socially dead? Or are we turning into a bunch of paranoids who are unable to make choices about what we want, unable to commit incase we  miss something better later on.

Somewhere along the line we are losing contact with one another through all of this digital trending. What’s wrong with just chilling, chatting, eye contact and being, well yes, dare I say it, old fashioned.

After a long hard think I have drawn  a few pointers for me to re-charge  my perspective.

  • Don’t get drawn into the trending hype and frenzy
  • Stick by what I stand for and never forget it
  • Take time to smell the roses
  • Honesty is the best way
  • Normal is OK –  who wants to be abnormal anyway?
  • Enrichment of my daily life, add a little bit of special to normal every now and again
  • Share ‘coz it makes me feel good

And when I think these are pretty good values for me, I realise they are also pretty good values voor me and my peeps at With Edgar. So yep, the last few months we have been putting things into practice and it works. Stopping to smell the roses is actually good fun.

And yep, sometimes it does take a little longer to get things done, but then again less stress. What is great is that our focus on what we set out to do is stronger, much stronger and that has to be good.

So for me it is becoming an easy choice. I still have to get out of the habbit of that screen check every 10 seconds but hey, I am getting there. Rome wasn’t built in a day and after all I am only a turtle.

Think about it. What can you do to break the trend and be yourself a little more often? Drop me a line I am keen to know.

Cheers Edgar,

Ps a friend just called. She was just out for dinner with a few mates. All mobile phones went into the middle of the table and were off limits. If anyone dared to pick up their phone the entire bill was for them. What she said is that the conversation was the best they had in ages…….old fashioned, could this be trending 😉 ?