AMSTERDAM - Koning Willem-Alexander en koningin Maxima leggen een krans bij het Monument op de Dam tijdens de Nationale Dodenherdenking voor World War II

Edgar’s blog: 71 Years after World War II

Memorial day World War II

Today and tomorrow (4th & 5th May) are two special days for the Dutch people. 71 years ago World War II finally finished after 5 years of war. I can’t begin to imagine what 5 years of war feels like. The most hideous fact of all is that almost the whole planet was at war with each other. To set things in perspective, over 70 million people died during World Word  II,  3% of the global population.

On this day the Dutch remember all the people that passed away in this tragic war and also victims of other wars. At eight o’clock the whole nation will be silent for two minutes. The royal family and many dignitaries lay memorial wreaths in Dam Square. Every year at this ceremony there are veterans present that survived World War II. Sadly, each year there are less and less veterans attending. Within a few decades we will have only generations that didn’t experience Word War II. I think this is really special! So we should always appreciate our freedom instead of taking it for granted! Tomorrow is Liberation Day so party really good, enjoy your freedom and remember to give a little thanks for those that made it possible!

Let’s not forget that there are still wars on this planet and that people die every day because of them. Nowadays humans can fly, build land in the ocean and even jump from space back on earth! Why can’t you all just get along in peace?!

Think about it,

Cheers Edgar