Flirt With Edgar

Flirt with Edgar for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day. This is the day you have to forget your insecurities and step to to be a man /or a woman and  ask that hottie to hook up. This is THE day that being sensitive and expressing your feelings IS cool.

But that being said just stepping up to someone and asking them out on  a date is not so easy so that’s why I made my new T-shirt. The great thing about it is everyone loves Turtles so just wearing a T-Shirt with me on the front is a great conversation starter and when you tell them that for every t-shirt sold there will be a donation to a turtle preservation fund then they are happy too.

So just to help you along on that date I will also give you 5 turtle facts that every turtle lover should know.

  1. Turtles can live to be more that 100 years old. The oldest recorded turtle was 180 years old found in Tonga,
  2. Turtle species have been on this earth for more than 200 Million years
  3. Turtles have good eyesight and a good sense of smell
  4. Turtles are found on very continent on earth excepting Antartica.
  5. Turtles have been to space. In 1968, the Soviet Union launched a space probe carrying a number of animals, including two turtles.

So what more to be said. YOLO get on with it and Fliirt With Edgar!  Buy your T-shirt here.



Birthday cake happy birthday

Edgar’s Blog: Happy birthday & many happy returns!

Happy birthday & many happy returns!

On our birthday, we feel a heightened sense of specialness; it’s our day, and even if you aren’t over the moon about it all, it’s still nice to feel celebrated. Unfortunately, our birthdays only come once a year, and even though prolonging the celebration (like a whole weekend) is fun and all, it isn’t always feasible.

Just the other day one of my friends was celebrating a birthday. A great reason to pop in and have a chat and wish him many happy returns. “Many happy returns” is a greeting which has been used since the 18th century as a salutation to offer the hope that a happy day being marked (your day of birth) would recur many more times.  An old man once said to me about age and birthdays: “everyone wants to get old but no one wants to be it!”. He is right, some people just don’t want to acknowledge their mortality.  But hey! we should be happy that we completed yet another year on this wonderful planet. Us turtles know loads about longevity and enjoying it. Why not join us and embrace age!

When I was young and it was my birthday my mum always let me choose a “special birthday tea”. Special because it was my choice what we ate and if I wanted a bag of crisps, and chocolate cake then that’s what we ate. It was fun and different to normal! Somewhere along the line we have forgotten to make special days special or we do only half of it because we get too caught up in the hassle of daily life.

So let’s not forget to celebrate our birthdays and the number of returns we have to that day and make it special. Celebrate it with something that you love. Be it cake, crisps, pancakes or …..dancing. And if you choose with a drink why not try it with one of my very special tea’s like the Yunnan Golden Tips or the Wild Mountain Clouds & Mist to go with it. They are both winners with and also go great with birthday cake.  More for the savoury celebration? Then try my Seowang Sejak or my New Zealand Oolong. Built up a thirst after dancing the night away? Then my Sencha Matcha  on ice is a must. A special tea for your special celebration of life!

So, as Edgar always promises: add special to normal and appreciate the small important things in life. Take time to celebrate your special day and also those of your friends. Acknowledge every minute of every year you spend on this beautiful planet coz as my old friend says, “you better, coz nobody gets out of here alive!”


Edgar’s blog: Save turtles from the nets

Turtles die every year when accidentally caught in fishing nets

My relatives have covered vast distances across the world’s oceans, filling a vital role in the balance of marine habitats for more than 100 million years.

Hundreds of thousands of turtles are accidentally caught and die in fishing gear every year

Many of these injuries and deaths take place while my friends are migrating through fishing areas. The turtles, attracted to the bait, get caught on the hooks used to catch fish.

While all sea turtles are affected by commercial fisheries. Loggerheads and leatherbacks have the greatest risk because of their feeding habitats.

Watch the video to see just what I am talking about.

How can you help?

  1. Pledge to buy seafood that’s certified as being sustainable and urge stores and restaurants to carry certified fish.
  2. Support Marine Eco Tourism when you are on holiday. Just like our Friends at Kosgoda in Sri Lanka.
  3. Make a good buy when travelling.Think twice and ask at least a few questions before buying that tortoiseshell souvenir, coral jewelery or snakeskin belt.

Interesting links: WWF

Watch this video I shared on Facebook.

Cheers Edgar


Edgar’s blog: Nessie in the River Thames?

Could Nessie be Edgar?

Nessie normally lives in the cold dark waters of Loch Ness in Scotland. This last week in UK several videos have been posted of a large figure floating or swimming in the River Thames.

There is much speculation regarding these images.

The YouTube clips, show a long dark shape which appears to have two humps emerging from the river. After a brief glimpse it disappears back beneath the murky waters in front of The O2 in Greenwich. What could it be and has Nessie indeed moved to a new location on the River Thames?

Whales, seals and the like are known in the River Thames. In fact more than 2,500 whales and dolphins have been spotted in central London during the last 10 years. One suggestion is that the images may show a pod of Dolphins moving along the river.

Another intelligent person thought it may actually be one of my relatives, a fellow turtle just finding his way.

Whatever it is, Nessie or not it has reminded us all yet again of the mystery of Loch Ness and it’s monster. Are you a believer? Do you not yet know the Story? Check it out and remember, if you have evidence of the real Loch Ness monster, please call.




Edgar’s blog: Let’s work together and save turtles (2)

Edgar’s products now available at the Kosgoda Turtle Care Centre.

Not to be missed, my products are on sale at the Kosgoda Turtle care centre. Drop in, watch the turtles and buy some products to support the good work they are doing for my sort.

I just love these humans. Remember whenever you buy my products and want to support this great cause just type in “Kosgoda” by the purchase coupon and I will send my friends a donation on your behalf.

Cheers Edgar

Baby green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) swimming away from the beach.  An endangered species.  Maldives

Edgar’s blog: Let’s work together and save turtles

Hi Peeps,

Just got back from a fantastic biz trip to the island known as “the jewel of the Indian ocean”, Sri Lanka.

It is hot! Lot’s of exciting things going on down there. I could tell you loads but I wanna just zoom in on something which is very important to me. A team of peeps who are doing great work.

That is the team of Santha Fernando at the Kosgoda Turtle Care Program. Sea turtles are endangered species world wide due to human lifestyle and activities. Santha and his team work hard as the Kosgoda centre. Their aim “to protect sea turtle eggs and improve hatching rates”.

They work hard not only saving the turtle eggs but also helping turtles which have become tangled in fishing nets and the like.

The work at Kosgoda Turtle Care Program is all privately funded.

If you feel as much love for turtles as I do and want to help this super team of humans, then when you buy my products, type in “Kosgoda” as your purchase coupon and I will make a donation for every purchase made by you to our friends in Kosgoda.

And don’t forget, if you are on holiday in Sri Lanka, drop in and see the work they are doing.

If you have time, donate a couple of days and help them out.

Let’s work together and save the turtles.

Cheers to you all,