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Edgar’s Blog: Growth of technology

Technology vs growth,

We all know that these two terms are strongly linked to each other. Technology is the base for growth and growth helps to make our technology better and faster. In the past twenty years I have seen a hugh difference in technology. Not so long a go it was very common to get this weird ringtone when you started internet up. Nowadays you have internet on the middle of the ocean.

Internet everywhere is now giving us the opportunity to listen to all different kinds music all the time! Just open Spotify and you are good to go. Alternatively just watch one of the thousands movies on Netflix (on your phone) while travelling on your business trip. Besides all these cool apps something else has changed a lot, images. When I think back playing on the Playstation the images were terrible compared with what we see today. We are now so used to cristal clear images that you almost think it can’t get any better than this. Start again, we have  the VR hype. Suddenly you are walking in the game and see everything around you as ……… reality.

I do like all this technology but it’s getting to point that it might become useless. Probably every iPhone has taken more photo’s than a professional photographer in the last forty years ago. And what do we do with it? Nothing… It’s just useless data. I think that if we want to keep growing in technology we should focus more on useful data or knowledge. Here are two cool videos:

One about celloscope that shows what a tremendous advancement has been made diagnosing patients in remote places like Africa, real time. Celloscope

And one that shows us what a massive change there has been in gaming over the last decades. Just think about it.