Summer tea

Edgar’s blog: Drink that booty off

Zinger your body and drink that booty off.

One of my tea blends is a blend of spices called “ginger zinger”.

It contains ginger, green rooibos, black and white peppercorns and a smidgen of stevia. All natural products that have different properties and effects on the bodies.

Ginger, for example has a long history of use for relieving digestive problems such as nausea, loss of appetite and motion sickness. Ginger is also used for pain, such a headaches and it is known to fight the virus that causes the common cold. Green rooibos tea contains absolutely no caffeine but does contains the antioxidants that stop the wrinkles (and a cheap wrinkle stopper at that for 10 eurocents a cup ;-)). Black pepper is rich in magnesium and lots of essential elements like copper and iron. The outer layer of the peppercorn stimulates the break down of fat. So boost your body with my ginger zinger and drink that booty off.


Edgar’s blog: No sugar in tea

Tea and health – chill down, fit up with a cuppa.

Lots of peeps ask me about the health qualities of tea. Today a tiny little bit about green and black tea and why it is good for you.

All real tea, green and black, comes from the tea plant camellia sinensis. The type of production process determines the colour, green or black. Both green and black teas contain substances amongst others  like antioxidants, flavinoids, caffeine & theeine.  These substances can promote better oral health (no fillings – yipee!), better bones, lower blood pressure, lower the risk of strokes and last but not least have been linked to cancer prevention. In the next few blogs I will zoom in on the specific health aspects of some of the ingredients in my tea blends and what they can do for you.

Want to try some of my tea?  Have a cuppa with me….mine’s a calm green sencha, what’s yours? Check out my taster box. A selection of tea with just enough to make 3 liters per tea flavour that’s a total of 27 liters in the one box ( 0.50 euro cents per litre for quality tea and much cheaper per litre than those fizzy sugary drinks). My taster box is an easy way for you to discover which one of my  flavours you like the most. Remember …..Free shipping till Easter.


Before I go – one of the oldest know benefits of tea is stress relief.  …………..chill down and enjoy and remember no sugar :-)