Edgar’s blog: Kingsday aka ”Koningsdag”

Kingsday aka (Koningsdag)

Orange as an Orange, Koningsdag (King’s day in the Netherlands!)

On the 27th of April all the dutch peeps celebrate the birthday of the King of the Netherlands. Kingsday (Koningsdag) or Queensday is an old tradition to celebrate the birth of the reigning king or queen. It is a public holiday so everyone gets a day off. You are allowed to sell freely on the streets. No permit required. All ages and all types selling everything from toys to sofas to cannabis plants.

Across the whole country Kingsday (Koningsdag) is a big party “Het Oranje feest”.  King Willem and his family visit selected towns and villages around the country and join in with the fun, eat orange cakes, drink orange drinks and play orange games.

All very cool those markets and festivals but what makes Kingsday (Koningsdag) so special is that the whole nation is decorated or dressed in ORANGE, with a little bit of red, white and blue. It’s like carnival but totally orange. You are probably wondering why the hell ORANGE … that comes from the surname of the Dutch royal family, Van Oranje.  Literally translated: From Orange. So the Dutch want everything orange this day except for one thing… their beer. That should be yellow but definitely there!

Join these crazy Dutch folks with Orange socks and an Orange pair of sunglasses! And just be as Orange as an Orange.

In name of the King. Hoera, hoera, hoeraaa!

Be a King! Buy my royal socks.

Judoka inspiration

Edgar’s Blog: Inspiration leads to motivation

Inspiration from a twelve year old Judoka

We all have 24 hours in one day 365 days a year.  Once every four years we even get an extra day! How do we fill in these days? Each of us does this in a different way. Sometimes you meet people that have a special time schedule… Either they have 48 hours a day, do not sleep or have a time machine.

I have spoken to a some of these people and they have just the same amount of hours as each and every one. But they do have something. Passion! This passion is going on 24 hours a day. Waking up is no problem when you are ready to do what you love. Working till bed time neither.

People like this are a true inspiration for me. I admire their passion and like to help anywhere I can. There are two people that I have helped the last year. One is the initiator of the Koskoda turtle sanctuary in Sri Lanka. His passion for helping turtles like me is truly hart warming! Read the blog I wrote last year. > Koskoda blog <

The other one is the Judo kid Jari. Jari is an incredibly talented boy who has done Judo from his early years. Nowadays he is competing against kids sometimes two years older and then beets them… So better watch out! Although he just turned twelve he qualified for the Dutch championships for kids up to fifteen. His parents are his biggest fans and travel with him to all the games around the country. He also  gets invitations for matches outside of the Netherlands. Croatia and Sweden and maybe even a third foreign country in summer. Things are getting pretty serious. That is why I choose to help Jari by sponsoring him.  Like I said, some people truly inspire you! And when it’s a twelve year old kid you have to help him get the most out of his 24 hours. Do you know people that inspire you? Maybe you can do something for them as well. Inspiration leads to motivation and that gives a great feeling!

More about Jari


edgars blog technology dialup internet

Edgar’s Blog: Growth of technology

Technology vs growth,

We all know that these two terms are strongly linked to each other. Technology is the base for growth and growth helps to make our technology better and faster. In the past twenty years I have seen a hugh difference in technology. Not so long a go it was very common to get this weird ringtone when you started internet up. Nowadays you have internet on the middle of the ocean.

Internet everywhere is now giving us the opportunity to listen to all different kinds music all the time! Just open Spotify and you are good to go. Alternatively just watch one of the thousands movies on Netflix (on your phone) while travelling on your business trip. Besides all these cool apps something else has changed a lot, images. When I think back playing on the Playstation the images were terrible compared with what we see today. We are now so used to cristal clear images that you almost think it can’t get any better than this. Start again, we have  the VR hype. Suddenly you are walking in the game and see everything around you as ……… reality.

I do like all this technology but it’s getting to point that it might become useless. Probably every iPhone has taken more photo’s than a professional photographer in the last forty years ago. And what do we do with it? Nothing… It’s just useless data. I think that if we want to keep growing in technology we should focus more on useful data or knowledge. Here are two cool videos:

One about celloscope that shows what a tremendous advancement has been made diagnosing patients in remote places like Africa, real time. Celloscope

And one that shows us what a massive change there has been in gaming over the last decades. Just think about it.

new year Resolutions

Edgar’s Blog: New Year Resolutions


Oh yes, this is going to be the year! You are going to be healthier, fitter, more successful and see more of your friends and family. It’s a common thing to have a list of resolutions for the upcoming year. But why is that? Do you regret anything of the past year? And what happend to the resolutions you made the year before…

So here we are at the New Years BORREL/PARTY  telling all of our good intentions to our colleagues. ”I subscribed to the gym and want lose 5 pound before March” While the other colleague just told everyone that he is going to stop drinking. After half an hour everybody is drinking champagne and eating snacks and appetisers.

I don’t want to discourage people from having good intentions for the New Year but you should have them for every single day! If you reflect on yesterday and come to the conclusion that you could have done better let today be the day you are going to do better. Not tomorrow, next month or this year.


Ps. If you still have good resolutions and want to get fitter, try my Detox tea! Buy here…


Edgar’s Blog: Live like a stockbroker

How would it feel to live like a stockbroker?

Well lately i have been feeling like a stockbroker! And it’s fun! I almost doubled my money but then I bought 5 million pounds… The fun ended.

No, I wasn’t really a stockbroker. But I found this app called 500Plus. This app allows you to do a demo version of there stock exchange application. When I started they gave me €20.000 of fake money. First I started buying shares I know like KLM, KPN, Shell. Those had green numbers and were going up. Too bad they dropped when I just bought them! I started to panic and sold them right away. Before they dropped even more. After I sold them they went up again… Dammit!

I had a better idea. I started looking at shares that dropped dramatically and bought those. I simply thought that if they drop like 15% it’s most likely they will go up. And this tactic worked quite well. I changed from shares to currencies. Currencies can be traded 24 hours 5 days a week. And they fluctuate more rapidly. I was doing very well. In two months I changed the €20.000 into €38.000 of fake money. Woohoo!!

The app allows you to buy on margin. This is a small loan to buy more shares or currency. buying on margin gives you the opportunity to make a lot more money. If you can buy $50.000 instead of $5.000 and make 1% profit in one day the margin is great. But it can also go wrong very quickly because if you make a loss on your shares you also need to pay your margin… And you never sell when you’re loosing a little bit. Before you know it your whole Equity is paying for the lost an margin.

That happened to me last week. The pound was going down and I immediately started buying pounds. I even made €1.200 profit on one buy in five minutes. Then I became greedy and bought £5.000.000. One day later I was kicked out of the app and had to start all over again.

Pretty terrifying to realise I got that greedy with fake money. But it was a fun ride! I can’t imagine how much money professional stockbroker make or loose each day. For me I prefer fake money. Doesn’t make you rich but neither poor,


Edgar’s blog: Nessie in the River Thames?

Could Nessie be Edgar?

Nessie normally lives in the cold dark waters of Loch Ness in Scotland. This last week in UK several videos have been posted of a large figure floating or swimming in the River Thames.

There is much speculation regarding these images.

The YouTube clips, show a long dark shape which appears to have two humps emerging from the river. After a brief glimpse it disappears back beneath the murky waters in front of The O2 in Greenwich. What could it be and has Nessie indeed moved to a new location on the River Thames?

Whales, seals and the like are known in the River Thames. In fact more than 2,500 whales and dolphins have been spotted in central London during the last 10 years. One suggestion is that the images may show a pod of Dolphins moving along the river.

Another intelligent person thought it may actually be one of my relatives, a fellow turtle just finding his way.

Whatever it is, Nessie or not it has reminded us all yet again of the mystery of Loch Ness and it’s monster. Are you a believer? Do you not yet know the Story? Check it out and remember, if you have evidence of the real Loch Ness monster, please call.



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Edgar’s blog: Button up

“Button up”

Everyday through no fault of their own millions of innocent socks loose their partners in the monster washing machine. I love my socks too much to see them go through the agony of parting on a regular basis and that’s why I gave each pair a button and a button hole. It’s like a marriage for socks. No more lonely socks. No more sockless you.

Kick off your socks, button up, wash them in the monster, hang them up ( without pegs) and realise your daily sock hassle is over now and forever more.

This not only saves money for new socks but also lots of time. More time for the good things in life, like taking someone else’s socks off 😉

What ever way you want to look at it , my socks will improve your soxlife 😉