Edgar’s blog: Sophisticated peeps drink tea

Hi Peeps,

More and more of us are drinking loose tea. Yippee, that’s great. Loose tea is just as easy as tea bags if you have the right gear. Unfortunately, some people are still struggling with those “tea eggs”. You know what I mean, look good, looks design and does not work. :-(

You know the feeling – struggling with those little conventional tea eggs, the top not fitting properly, the tea spilling out all over the place when you come to empty it? Well those days are over with my beautiful design stainless steel tea filter.

Look no further, I have the solution.  A good egg. That’s my tea filter.

Not only is it beautiful to look at but it has many features which make it a good tea egg instead of a bad tea egg. – It is very easy to use – check out my Instagram  and youtube films.

– It fits almost all tea pots, tea glasses and tea mugs.

– The tea leaves can expand to their max with no restriction. This gives the best flavour.

– The lid keeps the tea hot while brewing and no burnt fingers because you can grasp the lid of the filter by the silicone band.

– Put the lid upside down and you catch all the drips.


Quite simply – no more messy tea moments. Quality coz it makes me and you feel good.

Sophisticated peeps drink tea – are you?

Buy now


Cheers Edgar

With Edgar Brains on.

Edgar’s Blog: Brains on.

Brains On.

Your brains can be very convenient for your well being. They help you to think, to work and most of all they are the reason you are alive. The human brain is an extraordinary organ that works overtime.

With this campaign image I wanted to focus on your brains. But what does this have to do with tea? Well more than you might think. First let’s go back to the human brain. The brain of a human works different to animals. Where animals are busy with surviving, humans are busy learning. They keep on developing. Humans invent stuff that makes their lives simpler. With these inventions they can learn faster and faster. Humans are self-aware, they can analyse themselves and improve next time. So the brains of a human are very important. Not just for themselves but also for the next generations.

For people to use their brain they need energy. Good nutrition is key for that energy but most humans like to get more energy. For that extra bit they often consume coffee, energy drinks or sport drinks. These contain a big amount of caffeine or sugar and energy drink has a big amount of both. And that definitely kicks in and will give you an energy boost! But this comes with a peak. After an hour you will need another peek and another one and one more. That caffeine or sugar peak is often followed by a dip. With tea this isn’t the case. Tea has l-theeine which is a similar  caffeine. But l-theeine doesn’t come with a peak. It’s generates alpha activity in the brain and will give you more alertness spread over a few hours. Think of meditation and why monks drink tea. Your brain is on 24/7 so it makes sense to spread out some extra alertness instead of going for the quick win. It is also known that the brain is more creative in it’s alpha state. Lieke Janssen made this awesome campaign image where you can see a brain in the shape of a tea pot. On the top of the brain/teapot there is an On and Off switch. If you need your brain just turn them on by drinking tea, With Edgar of course!



Edgar’s blog: Kingsday aka ”Koningsdag”

Kingsday aka (Koningsdag)

Orange as an Orange, Koningsdag (King’s day in the Netherlands!)

On the 27th of April all the dutch peeps celebrate the birthday of the King of the Netherlands. Kingsday (Koningsdag) or Queensday is an old tradition to celebrate the birth of the reigning king or queen. It is a public holiday so everyone gets a day off. You are allowed to sell freely on the streets. No permit required. All ages and all types selling everything from toys to sofas to cannabis plants.

Across the whole country Kingsday (Koningsdag) is a big party “Het Oranje feest”.  King Willem and his family visit selected towns and villages around the country and join in with the fun, eat orange cakes, drink orange drinks and play orange games.

All very cool those markets and festivals but what makes Kingsday (Koningsdag) so special is that the whole nation is decorated or dressed in ORANGE, with a little bit of red, white and blue. It’s like carnival but totally orange. You are probably wondering why the hell ORANGE … that comes from the surname of the Dutch royal family, Van Oranje.  Literally translated: From Orange. So the Dutch want everything orange this day except for one thing… their beer. That should be yellow but definitely there!

Join these crazy Dutch folks with Orange socks and an Orange pair of sunglasses! And just be as Orange as an Orange.

In name of the King. Hoera, hoera, hoeraaa!

Be a King! Buy my royal socks.

Summer tea

Edgar’s blog: Drink that booty off

Zinger your body and drink that booty off.

One of my tea blends is a blend of spices called “ginger zinger”.

It contains ginger, green rooibos, black and white peppercorns and a smidgen of stevia. All natural products that have different properties and effects on the bodies.

Ginger, for example has a long history of use for relieving digestive problems such as nausea, loss of appetite and motion sickness. Ginger is also used for pain, such a headaches and it is known to fight the virus that causes the common cold. Green rooibos tea contains absolutely no caffeine but does contains the antioxidants that stop the wrinkles (and a cheap wrinkle stopper at that for 10 eurocents a cup ;-)). Black pepper is rich in magnesium and lots of essential elements like copper and iron. The outer layer of the peppercorn stimulates the break down of fat. So boost your body with my ginger zinger and drink that booty off.

My socks improve your soxlife

Edgar’s Blog: My socks improve your soxlife


After the crime scene image I have followed up with an even spicier picture. This one is called ”My socks will improve your soxlife”

WHAT!!!? Sexlife? No, soxlife! But it’s just how you see it. I think socks are quite sexy. Socks are made for your feet and your feet are a very intimate part of your body. You don’t just touch someone’s feet and when you do touch the feet of your partner, lover or date things are getting pretty intimate…

Let’s go back to socks. The cool thing about socks is that they are an extension of your underwear. Your underwear is something you do not show to everyone. The last 10 years things have changed quite a bit. Socks can be more part of your outfit and it’s OK to show off with nice looking socks. What this really means is that you show a little bit more of your inner self. Although maybe a few people see your socks you know for yourself you’re rocking them in those fancy looking shoes.

Wearing cool and good quality socks means that you take care of your feet. When someone takes good care of his feet you can assume they will do so with the rest of their body parts as well. And that is sexy!

Last but not least socks tell something about a man. Large socks means he must have big ….. feet! For turtles this doesn’t count though. I may have small feet but have I four of them…..

Use your imagination and wear my socks, have fun and enjoy them. I will be looking  forward to hearing about your….soxlife!

Not to forget: you can button up your socks after he or she knocked your socks off. They will be paired after washing and be ready to be worn again. Buy some socks and up your soxlife!

My socks improve your soxlife


Paard Sinterklaas blog with Egdar

Edgar’s Blog: Sinterklaas

Last Saturday Sinterklaas came to town!

Sinterklaas is the holy saint of the Dutch folks. Where the rest of the world is celebrating Christmas, the Dutch have Sinterklaas. And a lot of Dutch families celebrate both holidays. The story of Sinterklaas is quite interesting.

Sinterklaas aka Sint lives in Madrid and every year he comes to visit the Netherlands. He travels by boat, a classic old steamboat. He brings lots of his helpers and also his white horse along on board. Each year he arrives in a different city and this year it will be Maasland. There will be a big parade with Sint on his white roan (horse), Amerigo. His helpers will handout small biscuits called ”pepernoten”.

On the 5th of December the holy saint celebrates his birthday by giving presents to all of the children that have been good. If you haven’t behaved Sint and his helpers will take you on the boat to Spain and teach you some manners for a year. This is supposed to be a punishment but most kids wish they could go off to Spain with Sint and his helpers.

The night of 4 to 5 December Sint and his helpers will climb the roofs of all the Dutch families. Sinterklaas even goes on his horse down the chimney. Must be one flexible horse… His helpers carry all the presents and drop them off through the chimney. Children often leave a carrot or the like for the horse of Sint, Amerigo. They have to be done just before sunrise. The next morning children go wild when they come downstairs and see what Sinterklaas has left them.

It may sound impossible but hey, Santa Clause has a flying sleigh with flying  reindeers! One thing is certain, Sinterklaas has a sweet tooth! . Specially ”gevulde speculaas” with my masala chai tea!

In the Netherlands Sinterklaas, AKA Dutch Santa, is coming to town this Saturday. That means you will see spiced biscuits everywhere! My Masala chai tea goes very well with spiced biscuits. So therefore you all get 15% discount on my Masala chai this week while stocks last. Also take a look at my Sint boxes. A great pressie for that big bag. My tea and Tony’s Chocolonely!

Sinterklaas With Edgar’s Tea box and Tony’s Chocolonely with Peppernoten –  buy now!

Sinterklaas With Edgar’s Sock Box and Tony’s Chocolonely with Peppernoten –  buy now!

Edgar's Blog: Positive feedback

Edgar’s Blog: Positive feedback

It works, it works, it really works! What works? The button system!

Last week I ”ran” into a customer and he told me that he used the button system all the time. Even his lady friend was very happy with my sock solution. It was nice to get positive feedback like this. After spending a lot of time developing and selling it feels very good to meet people that enjoy using something I created.

Lately I also receive a lot of positive comments on my tea. People like the flavours and they like to tell me which one is their favourite Edgar tea. Very cool to hear peeps talk like that. Just over a year there wear a lot of friends and family tasting tea to help me develop the flavours that are now sold in stores. Time flies when you are having fun right. Well I just love to get feedback from you all. It doesn’t matter of it’s positive or negative, as long that I can learn something about my own products.

For all of you that have supported me, thank you, thank you. Thank you very much!




double espresso International Coffee Day

Edgar’s Blog: International Coffee Day

Coffee? Yes please it’s International Coffee Day!

Coffee is what some of you might drink on a daily basis. This Thursday and Saturday (29th September & 1st October)  it is International Coffee Day in a lot of countries. A good day to have a think about coffee. Although I love tea I don’t hate coffee. The opposite actually! I truly can enjoy a good cup of coffee. But hey, I’m a turtle. I don’t need coffee to get me going.

That said, a lot of people need coffee to function. Waking up, arriving at the office, after checking all the emails, before the first meeting, after the first meeting and so on. Do you really need all that cafeïne? I don’t think so. I think people just need a short break. Of course a bit of cafeïne will help you focus but some fresh air will so too. Don’t make yourself dependent on coffee, energy drink or even tea. With a little variation you can get back in control. You don’t have to be a true coffee or true tea drinker. Tea and coffee can go very well together!

Get inspired on International Coffee Day to enjoy a good quality cup of coffee. There lots of things to consider in the coffee. The origin of the coffee bean is one thing. Then there is the roasting proces, and then grinding. And then you just have coffee. Quality also depends on the machine, water and barista. From there you have endless choices. From a espresso, cappuccino, macchiato to frappuccinos.

Hopefully you can appreciate quality over quantity. Just like I do.


Cheers, Edgar

Earth Peace day

Edgar’s Blog: International Day of Peace

What is peace?

I think it’s the ultimate freedom that is obtained by a harmonious society without any violence. Peace is something we all would like. But for some this is more important then for others. Especially those who have seen a lot of violence will appreciate a peaceful environment the most. Today it’s international day of peace. And this day helps us to remember that peace isn’t something to be taken for granted. Just 75 years ago the whole world was in war… And still today there are wars, terrorist attacks and criminality.

But let’s keep a positive view on this topic because we are getting more peaceful every day. Nowadays we are connected with people all over the world. We like to explore new countries, new cultures and new people. This makes it easier to respect others and to be equal. It’s a blessing if you live your whole life in peace. And we all should strive for a peaceful world. In the end we are all stuck together on this planet and as one of my old friends always says – nobody gets out of here alive so let’s enjoy it peacefully while we can!

Cheers, Edgar

Women’s Equality Day. Emma Watson

Edgar’s Blog: Women’s Equality Day

Women’s Equality Day! A day which shouldn’t be a special day at all… Today there are lots of women with a good jobs, top management  positions, or running their own company.  This might look great but a lot of women are still oppressed.

Women’s Equality Day became an official day on the 26th of August 1920. When votes for women became officially a part of the US constitution. The Scandinavian countries like Finland, Norway, Denmark and European countries like Netherlands, Germany and UK were a few years in front of the US on giving women the right to vote. In 1945 Italy was the last European country to give women the right to vote. New Zealand was the big leader with equal voting rights in 1893 and 118 years later Saudi Arabia in 2011. This leaves only Brunei, that has not yet given equal voting rights for women.

The 26th of August is a celebration day for equal rights between women and men. This was the result of a huge civil rights movement that has been campaigning worldwide for more than a hundred years. In the last century, great women have proved that they are capable of achieving great things.. Women like Rosa Parks, Enid Charles, Gina Krog, Fredrik Borg, Emmeline Pankhurst have fought for womens rights and inspired many oppressed women.

The last century has shown more than ever what both women and men are capable of achieving, given the opportunity. Being able to vote was a huge step forward. Today, women’s equality has grown to more than the right to vote. Organisations like Equality Now and Womankind Worldwide are operating all over the world with the mission to give women equal opportunities to education and employment. There are just over 3.4 billion women on this planet. Women’s Equality Day started almost hundred years ago and it’s sad to see that there still are women who are victims of discrimination. We must continue brave work that was started all those years ago.