double espresso International Coffee Day

Edgar’s Blog: International Coffee Day

Coffee? Yes please it’s International Coffee Day!

Coffee is what some of you might drink on a daily basis. This Thursday and Saturday (29th September & 1st October)  it is International Coffee Day in a lot of countries. A good day to have a think about coffee. Although I love tea I don’t hate coffee. The opposite actually! I truly can enjoy a good cup of coffee. But hey, I’m a turtle. I don’t need coffee to get me going.

That said, a lot of people need coffee to function. Waking up, arriving at the office, after checking all the emails, before the first meeting, after the first meeting and so on. Do you really need all that cafeïne? I don’t think so. I think people just need a short break. Of course a bit of cafeïne will help you focus but some fresh air will so too. Don’t make yourself dependent on coffee, energy drink or even tea. With a little variation you can get back in control. You don’t have to be a true coffee or true tea drinker. Tea and coffee can go very well together!

Get inspired on International Coffee Day to enjoy a good quality cup of coffee. There lots of things to consider in the coffee. The origin of the coffee bean is one thing. Then there is the roasting proces, and then grinding. And then you just have coffee. Quality also depends on the machine, water and barista. From there you have endless choices. From a espresso, cappuccino, macchiato to frappuccinos.

Hopefully you can appreciate quality over quantity. Just like I do.


Cheers, Edgar