Flirt With Edgar

Flirt with Edgar for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day. This is the day you have to forget your insecurities and step to to be a man /or a woman and  ask that hottie to hook up. This is THE day that being sensitive and expressing your feelings IS cool.

But that being said just stepping up to someone and asking them out on  a date is not so easy so that’s why I made my new T-shirt. The great thing about it is everyone loves Turtles so just wearing a T-Shirt with me on the front is a great conversation starter and when you tell them that for every t-shirt sold there will be a donation to a turtle preservation fund then they are happy too.

So just to help you along on that date I will also give you 5 turtle facts that every turtle lover should know.

  1. Turtles can live to be more that 100 years old. The oldest recorded turtle was 180 years old found in Tonga,
  2. Turtle species have been on this earth for more than 200 Million years
  3. Turtles have good eyesight and a good sense of smell
  4. Turtles are found on very continent on earth excepting Antartica.
  5. Turtles have been to space. In 1968, the Soviet Union launched a space probe carrying a number of animals, including two turtles.

So what more to be said. YOLO get on with it and Fliirt With Edgar!  Buy your T-shirt here.




Edgar’s blog: Kingsday aka ”Koningsdag”

Kingsday aka (Koningsdag)

Orange as an Orange, Koningsdag (King’s day in the Netherlands!)

On the 27th of April all the dutch peeps celebrate the birthday of the King of the Netherlands. Kingsday (Koningsdag) or Queensday is an old tradition to celebrate the birth of the reigning king or queen. It is a public holiday so everyone gets a day off. You are allowed to sell freely on the streets. No permit required. All ages and all types selling everything from toys to sofas to cannabis plants.

Across the whole country Kingsday (Koningsdag) is a big party “Het Oranje feest”.  King Willem and his family visit selected towns and villages around the country and join in with the fun, eat orange cakes, drink orange drinks and play orange games.

All very cool those markets and festivals but what makes Kingsday (Koningsdag) so special is that the whole nation is decorated or dressed in ORANGE, with a little bit of red, white and blue. It’s like carnival but totally orange. You are probably wondering why the hell ORANGE … that comes from the surname of the Dutch royal family, Van Oranje.  Literally translated: From Orange. So the Dutch want everything orange this day except for one thing… their beer. That should be yellow but definitely there!

Join these crazy Dutch folks with Orange socks and an Orange pair of sunglasses! And just be as Orange as an Orange.

In name of the King. Hoera, hoera, hoeraaa!

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Edgar's Blog. Halloween. Turtle pumpkin

Edgar’s Blog: Halloween

The origins of Halloween

Modern Halloween has become less about literal ghosts and ghouls and more about costumes and sweeties. However, Halloween’s origins date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in). The Celts, who lived 2,000 years ago in the area that is now Ireland, the United Kingdom and northern France, celebrated their new year on November 1. This day marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the dark, cold winter, a time of year that was often associated with human death. Celts believed that on the night before the new year, the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred. On the night of October 31 they celebrated Samhain, when it was believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth.

People gathered with the druids to build bonfires and to burn crops and animals as sacrifices to the Celtic deities. During the celebration, the Celts wore costumes, typically consisting of animal heads and skins, and attempted to tell each other’s fortunes. When the celebration was over, they re-lit their hearth fires, which they had extinguished earlier that evening, from the sacred bonfire to help protect them during the coming winter.


The Romans arrived and their ceremony to remember the dead, also in October, was incorporated with the Celtic one of Samhain.  After that with the arrival of Christianity, All Souls Day was also absorbed. This ceremony was celebrated in a similar fashion to Samhain; bonfires and dressing up as saints, angels and devils. This ceremony was also called All Hallows and finally the Celtic and Christian ceremonies merged into All Hallows Eve and eventually Halloween.


With the movement of European immigrants into America the traditions of Halloween were transferred across the Atlantic. Today the Americans celebrate Halloween big style. Try a trip to New York around this day. Great to get involved!

Don’t want to dress up like a ghost? I made a special Halloween sock box! Bloody red and pumpkin orange socks. You can still celebrate but just a bit more subtle.

Buy the Halloween sock box! 


Cheers and pumpkins Edgar


Father's day sock box with Barouffe lether key chain. Red and blue pair of socks in a box

Edgar’s blog: Father’s Day

Father’s Day. So why do we celebrate father’s day?

Father’s Day falls in a host of countries around the world on the 19th June 2016. As with most things the exact origins of Father’s Day are disputed but we can say that the movement for a dedicated day for father started about 100 years ago in the USA. The first official day for father seems to have been in 1910. Father’s day is celebrated differently around the world. While, for example, in UK and the Netherlands you can expect breakfast in bed, a home made card and maybe a little pressie, in Germany they have slightly bent the meaning towards a “bender” and spend the day hiking and drinking beer with other men. Sounds like a good plan I can hear a few of you thinking.

In many countries it is true that children make handcrafted gifts for their fathers. A nice touch in this consumer driven society. What can make father’s day funny are those father’s day jokes.  Have a look at this link. But also imagining the  things that your father would never say to you, for example:

“Can you turn up that music?”

“Go ahead and take my truck. Here’s 50 euro for petrol.”

“I LOVE your tattoo. We should both get new ones.”

“Here, you take the remote.”

So go on spoil the old man this coming Father’s day perhaps with some kind words, something special or just an hour of your time for some job he needs doing.  “Thanks mate.”

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Nultien stad & regio AD. Tea With Edgar

Edgar’s blog: Newspaper article With Edgar

Newspaper article With Edgar by Chantal Lindsen

On Saturday 4th June  Chantal Lindsen published and article about my brand With Edgar in a dutch national newspaper, the AD or Algemeen Dagblad. Due to popular request from our international followers and customers we have made an english translation. Read and Enjoy.

Thanks for all of your support,

Cheers Edgar

START Tekst:

Tea in England been popular for years. The Rotterdamer Bob Wouters wants to make the Dutch hot for the healthy and natural brew. Not with the fabricated tea from a teabag, but with real loose tea. Meet With Edgar.

With his somewhat pale face and dressed in a suit you could be mistaken in thinking the 26-year old Dutchman Bob Wouters is an Englishman. But nothing is less true. His partner Tracey Stomp (53), however, speaks clearly with an English accent. I am English ” Tracey smiles friendly.

Bob and Tracey Stomp have a nice office in a beautiful pre-war building on the Heemraadssingel. It is from here that the real tea dream is realized. It works because even though the tea brand  has only been on the market since November it is already being sold all around the world.  “But it’s still not fast enough for us, ” said the tea lovers in unison.

Worldwide fans. This is not just thanks to the brand image and it’s a nice marketing story with the adorable cheeky turtle Edgar. The tea of ​​the Rotterdam brand is actually a gem among the many tea brands in The Netherlands. Where Bob has the creative entrepreneurial spirit Tracey possesses the ‘tea’ knowledge from her experience as a tea buyer.

The born and bred entrepreneur started when he was 12 years old selling keyrings he made at home.  Bob broke his studies HBO Commercial Management prematurely to fulfill his passion: his own brand under which different products can be launched. Products resulting from his own needs.

About a year ago With Edgar brand launched a collection of colorful socks. “I always lost my socks in the wash, so I made a button on the socks so that you can tie them together, ” Bob said.

From socks to tea. Bob explains: “Coffee is currently undergoing a revolution. We also want to bring this to the tea industry. After the introduction of the tea bag, this market has seen little innovation. Like Tracey I love real loose tea. “

Tea With Edgar tea has again emerged from their own needs.

In the tea lab the couple’s friends and family taste different teas. Not the regular flavours of loose tea, but for example, green tea with lemon grass and juniper berries. Or a tea which does not contain any real tea and is made of nuts, ginger, apple, beetroot and cinnamon. The so-called Nuts4Nuts. “Very popular, ” said Bob. “ And Detox, because that sounds healthy”. “And it is,” adds Tracey.


We must take the test in tea lab where Bob shows how to taste tea. The tea should be scooped as a spoonful, slurped into the mouth and spat out into the spittoon. It sounds somewhat nasty. The tea is not. It is surprisingly tasty. The oolong be strong is a favourite due to the combination of oolong, flowers and saffron.

Tracey: “Tea contains less caffeine than coffee, it does not give a caffeine shot but a prolonged alertness”. Incidentally, you can serve most teas cold and you have a very healthy alternative for lemonades and sugary soft drinks.”

For those who are tired of teabags in the office, With Edgar also has a funky tea thermos bottle with tea filter.

“We have lots of great ideas. ”

END Tekst.

Edgar’s blog: a pair of socks should stay a pair

For a four footed creature like me it’s ridiculous to walk with odd socks. For a long time I have spent hours matching socks that came out of the laundry. I tried out a lot of hacks to keep my pairs a pair. Some ideas worked a bit but mostly it took more time then matching the pair of socks.

One day I was swimming along in the river Maas just in front of the Rotterdam Building and suddenly it hit me. A button! That’s it, just a button. Buttons have been used for ages in almost every kind of clothing. Even boxer shorts have buttons. And yet nobody had put buttons on a sock.

So I tried it out… It worked great!

On one sock there is a button and on the other sock there is a buttonhole. Button them up before you throw them in the laundry. Put your pair of socks in the washing machine. And best of all, take your pair out of the washing machine! Besides the fact that they stay together in the washing machine you also save time hanging them out on the drying rack. Yes! No more faff with pegs.

I most def made my life a lot easier. I hope it will make yours a lot easier too!

Cheers, Edgar

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Edgar’s blog: Tip for smelly feet

Look at your feet. No, take a good look at them. There they are on the end of your legs.

You run, walk, seduce and do all sorts of things that you would find it really hard to do without them. Most of the time you never even notice them let alone give them a bit of TLC.

Some guys judge girls by how well they take care of their feet. Yeap! Apparently they think that if a girl doesn’t take care of her feet she doesn’t take care of the rest of herself… and that can affect whether or not they want to date her.  For all you male peeps out there, chicks judge you by your footsies too.   Ask yourself honestly, are your feet a turn-on or a turn-off?

Whoever you are it is important to have healthy feet and they are often forgotten.  So start today and give your feet a treat.

Try Edgar’s tip for smelly footsies: take at least 4-6 litres of black tea and soak your feet for 15-30 mins. Enjoy. Dry your feet and treat them to a fresh pair of my socks. No more smelly feet with Edgar :-)


Photo 29-02-16 13 18 08

Edgar’s blog: Button up

“Button up”

Everyday through no fault of their own millions of innocent socks loose their partners in the monster washing machine. I love my socks too much to see them go through the agony of parting on a regular basis and that’s why I gave each pair a button and a button hole. It’s like a marriage for socks. No more lonely socks. No more sockless you.

Kick off your socks, button up, wash them in the monster, hang them up ( without pegs) and realise your daily sock hassle is over now and forever more.

This not only saves money for new socks but also lots of time. More time for the good things in life, like taking someone else’s socks off 😉

What ever way you want to look at it , my socks will improve your soxlife 😉

Photo 29-02-16 13 15 34

Edgar’s blog: “Quality coz it makes me feel good”

“Quality coz it makes me feel good”

A friend of Edgar just mailed me to compliment me on the quality of my socks. He said he never had socks that have lasted him for such along time.

Let me tell you 3 good things about my socks: soft, less sweat and hardwearing

My socks are soft because of the composition, I use a combination of 80% combed cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastine. The combed cotton is soft and good for your feet. The long cotton fibres ensure that there is more stretch in the socks. More stretch in the fibre means we can use less of the synthetic products like elastine and polyamide when making the socks. Less synthetics, less sweat, less skin irritation, less smell and fewer awkward moments.

Hard wearing because my socks use a different weaving method to ensure reinforcement of heel and toe areas. No holes…no more worries about kicking your shoes off on a date.

Last but not least whatever way you look at it, my socks are good for your soxlife.

Edgar’s Blog: Valentine seduction tips 1

Valentine’s day.

This is the day you have to forget your insecurities and step to to be a man /or a woman and  ask that hottie to hook up. This is THE day that being sensitive and expressing your feelings IS cool. That is why you should treat your hottie with great sox and sensuous chocolate.

Buy my Valentine sock box with chocolate from Chocolátl and just relax bare socked. I give you my word that you will be well on your way to sockduction.

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