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Edgar’s Blog: Brains on.

Brains On. Your brains can be very convenient for your well being. They help you to think, to work and most of all they are the reason you are alive. The human brain is an extraordinary organ that works overtime. With this campaign image I wanted to focus on your brains. But what does this have […]

Edgar’s Blog: Bamboo, good for you?

Bamboo is special, very special! Did you know that bamboo can grow really fast? Certain species can grow 91 cm within 24 hours, that is almost 4 cm an hour! The tallest stem ever measured was 50 meters high. Another cool fact about bamboo is that is grows in a lot of different climates. Often it’s […]

Edgar’s Blog: global perspective

Do you have a global perspective? Last April the world population reached the 7.5 billion people. These people are spread out over 195 countries and 510 billion square kilometers. Which comes down to 68 square kilometers per person, yet moste of use live on 68 square meters. Of course it doesn’t make sense to own […]

Edgar’s Blog: Teagra for your mojo!

”WARNING” My Tea is good for your mojo First of all tea is hot, especially my tea! More and more people drink quality tea’s and this is great because tea has a lot of health benefits. Next to the fact that tea is a good replacement for other drinks it has a lot of anti-oxidants, […]

Edgar’s Blog: Hello my cupcake

Hello my cupcake, fancy a cuppa? Use, Hello my cupcake, for your pick up line and success guaranteed, if you’re a turtle like me. I talked about tea and food before in the blog post “Tea for foodies”. But this time I want to talk about high tea or afternoon tea or cream tea. Traditionally […]

Edgar’s Blog: Everybody loves Turtles.

Why does everyone love turtles?   This is a question I am often asked, so I decided to put some reasons on paper to share. Here goes. Some of the nouns used to describe my sort: Patience, strength, stability, longevity, innocence, endurance and protection. I can find myself in all of those things, they are […]

Edgar’s Blog: Tea for dinner

Winner winner tea for dinner So last week one of my mates planned a great evening and for 8 friends did some great cooking. I was asked to pair the dishes with some of my teas.  We ended up with a 5 course tasting session both sweet and savoury. A great evening was had by […]

Edgar’s Blog: Longest day of the year

Almost 17 hours is the longest day of the year. The 21st of June is the longest day of the year. Of course it still counts 24 hours but on this day the sun comes up the earliest and goes under the latest. From 05:19 until 22:04 the sun is on our side and that makes […]

Edgar’s Blog: Tea for Foodies

Tea for Foodies Just like wine,  good tea is about drinking it on a moment you will enjoy it to it’s maximum. It should make you feel special whatever the occasion, whatever the time. At the same time tea is something that is deeply comforting, deeply ordinary, deeply compassionate. In fact as a tea lover […]

Edgar’s Blog: Choco Masala Chai

Do you like hot Choco or prefer Masala Chai? Well I like both! And call it Choco Masala Chai. Last month I was at the Chocolate fair in Eindhoven. Chocolate is an interesting product category that is changing very fast. Just like tea and coffee the production process is very important. People want to know where their […]