Tea and Daffodils

Edgar’s Blog: Spring is here

Put a spring in your step with Edgar!

Here are some great reasons why people love the spring season and what my tea can do to help you enjoy it just a little bit more.

Outdoors:  As the snow melts and the sun gets higher we have a good reason to be outdoors soak up the light and air. Feels great after being cooped up in the house all winter. Don’t you agree the food and tea taste so much better outside in the fresh air. Use my Bamboo travel thermos to take your favourite tea along with you.  It not only looks great and is a fantastic conversation piece it will keep your tea hot and fresh for up to 6 hours!  Use tea to make new friends this spring and share a cuppa from my thermos! Buy now.

Expose your body: You can finally ditch the winter layers and get that body back on track for the summer. Mmm maybe we have a bit of body tuning to do before hand, Try my detox tea with green tea, lemon grass, ginger and juniper. This will certainly help you back on track to your summer body. The juniper and lemongrass have diuretic properties which help flush toxic waste out of the body. The ginger helps with the digestive system and if you have been working out a bit too much it can also help to ease muscle pain and soreness. Sheer bliss, buy now.

Be active: More light hours in the day to get more things done. If like me you start to slow down after dark I am thankful when the light evenings return and I never miss the opportunity to get more of those “little outside” jobs done. Nothing better than finishing the job with a great cuppa and listening to the birds as the sun goes down. Try it with a cup of my Wuyi oolong. The spring sundown and this classic oolong tea (which by the way is great for the digestion) is a combination difficult to beat and this combo will set you up for a great nights sleep. Buy now.

Happiness: Spring makes us feel happy. The exposure to more daylight and sunshine increases the amount of serotonin in your brain and this makes you feel happy. The colour yellow is also know to improve our mood and metabolism. Why not have some sunshine with you all day and try my Yellow Tea. This is special tea and a rare tea. Treat yourself and just shine. Buy now.