Earth Peace day

Edgar’s Blog: International Day of Peace

What is peace?

I think it’s the ultimate freedom that is obtained by a harmonious society without any violence. Peace is something we all would like. But for some this is more important then for others. Especially those who have seen a lot of violence will appreciate a peaceful environment the most. Today it’s international day of peace. And this day helps us to remember that peace isn’t something to be taken for granted. Just 75 years ago the whole world was in war… And still today there are wars, terrorist attacks and criminality.

But let’s keep a positive view on this topic because we are getting more peaceful every day. Nowadays we are connected with people all over the world. We like to explore new countries, new cultures and new people. This makes it easier to respect others and to be equal. It’s a blessing if you live your whole life in peace. And we all should strive for a peaceful world. In the end we are all stuck together on this planet and as one of my old friends always says – nobody gets out of here alive so let’s enjoy it peacefully while we can!

Cheers, Edgar