side view of penguin with blue sky

Edgar’s blog: International Penguin Day 2016

International Penguin Day 2016

Penguins in the southern hemisphere are facing real issues with their habitat and global warming. Let’s remember them on this International Penguin Day. It has taken a long, long time to get the attention my flightless, feathered friends deserve even though 75% of all humans claim penguins to be their favourite animals.

To help my arctic friends some UK scientists have asked for some help with the study of photo images so that they can gain insight into how climate change is really affecting penguin populations.

Seventy five cameras have been installed near penguin territories in Antarctica and its surrounding islands to figure out what’s happening with local populations. Each of the cameras takes hourly photos and the amount of adorable photos produced is too much for the scientists to get trough.  This is where you come in. Sign up for PenguinWatch 2.0

Just logon. Look at the photos and identify adult penguins, chicks and eggs on each photo.

By helping with this work you will not only help my friends the penguins but you will also be helping the scientists to understand the effects of climate change on the whole area. This is because the penguin populations are a good “marker” for the vitality of the area in general.

I just love penguins, they are adorable. Penguins are cool! Logon and do your bit for your fellow Earth Citizen.