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Edgar’s blog: cool accommodation for Glastonbury festival

Cool, a tent made of cardboard. Students at the University of Delft have developed a festival tent that is made of cardboard. Totally bio-degradable. How chill is that? Inspired by a picture of the Glastonbury festival after it had finished. These two students decided go ahead and market the idea one of them had for his last year design project at Delft TU.

This tent has been described as the “The Ferrari under the cardboard boxes”.

It saddens me that this tent is needed and that the responsible peeps just can’t take their rubbish home with them. But hey, hats off to these lads who have found an easy way out for a lot of those lazy peeps out there.

Just one more step before you all have the chance to have your house with you all the time like me. How cool is that 😉

Check them out:

Cheers Edgar