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Edgar’s blog: “Quality coz it makes me feel good”

“Quality coz it makes me feel good”

A friend of Edgar just mailed me to compliment me on the quality of my socks. He said he never had socks that have lasted him for such along time.

Let me tell you 3 good things about my socks: soft, less sweat and hardwearing

My socks are soft because of the composition, I use a combination of 80% combed cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastine. The combed cotton is soft and good for your feet. The long cotton fibres ensure that there is more stretch in the socks. More stretch in the fibre means we can use less of the synthetic products like elastine and polyamide when making the socks. Less synthetics, less sweat, less skin irritation, less smell and fewer awkward moments.

Hard wearing because my socks use a different weaving method to ensure reinforcement of heel and toe areas. No holes…no more worries about kicking your shoes off on a date.

Last but not least whatever way you look at it, my socks are good for your soxlife.


Edgar’s blog: Let’s work together and save turtles (2)

Edgar’s products now available at the Kosgoda Turtle Care Centre.

Not to be missed, my products are on sale at the Kosgoda Turtle care centre. Drop in, watch the turtles and buy some products to support the good work they are doing for my sort.

I just love these humans. Remember whenever you buy my products and want to support this great cause just type in “Kosgoda” by the purchase coupon and I will send my friends a donation on your behalf.

Cheers Edgar

Baby green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) swimming away from the beach.  An endangered species.  Maldives

Edgar’s blog: Let’s work together and save turtles

Hi Peeps,

Just got back from a fantastic biz trip to the island known as “the jewel of the Indian ocean”, Sri Lanka.

It is hot! Lot’s of exciting things going on down there. I could tell you loads but I wanna just zoom in on something which is very important to me. A team of peeps who are doing great work.

That is the team of Santha Fernando at the Kosgoda Turtle Care Program. Sea turtles are endangered species world wide due to human lifestyle and activities. Santha and his team work hard as the Kosgoda centre. Their aim “to protect sea turtle eggs and improve hatching rates”.

They work hard not only saving the turtle eggs but also helping turtles which have become tangled in fishing nets and the like.

The work at Kosgoda Turtle Care Program is all privately funded.

If you feel as much love for turtles as I do and want to help this super team of humans, then when you buy my products, type in “Kosgoda” as your purchase coupon and I will make a donation for every purchase made by you to our friends in Kosgoda.

And don’t forget, if you are on holiday in Sri Lanka, drop in and see the work they are doing.

If you have time, donate a couple of days and help them out.

Let’s work together and save the turtles.

Cheers to you all,


Edgar’s Blog: Valentine seduction tips 2

Sensual chocolate.
Have you seen my sensual chocolate brown socks? Some say chocolate brown socks are boring, I disagree, chocolate brown is one of those colours that is chic, classy and sensual. We all know what chocolate can do for you …… 😉 At least, it always brings out the best in me….. you too? Why not make this Valentine a dark night with a box of my sensual chocolate socks and chocolate from Chocolátl.
Cheers Edgar

Edgar’s Blog: Valentine seduction tips 1

Valentine’s day.

This is the day you have to forget your insecurities and step to to be a man /or a woman and  ask that hottie to hook up. This is THE day that being sensitive and expressing your feelings IS cool. That is why you should treat your hottie with great sox and sensuous chocolate.

Buy my Valentine sock box with chocolate from Chocolátl and just relax bare socked. I give you my word that you will be well on your way to sockduction.

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