Edgar’s Blog: What is Tea?

My Tea Range : Actually it is a range containing tea and herb infusions but for marketing sake I just called it all tea. The market here in the Netherlands does not make a distinction between the two.

What is real tea then? Real tea is an infusion from any leaf which comes from the tea plant, camellia sinensis. This tea can be green tea or black tea. The way the leaf is treated during production determines the colour, green or black. My range contains pure black tea (Assam) and a pure green tea (Sencha). Some of my green and black teas I have blended with some herbs, fruits and spices for example: masala chai, detox, green tea and fruit and oolong be strong.

The last group in my range of teas are actually the tisanes in which the blends are entirely made of herbs and spices and there is no “real tea” included at all. These are: ginger zinger, spiced lemon grass and nuts for nuts. This is good to know if you do not wish to drink caffeine or theeine (stimulants) that are found in all green and black teas from the tea plant camelia sinensis. Just one more thing when you drink tea the caffeine and theeine you consume are in very much smaller quantities than in a coffee. More about that in a later blog but just to give you an insight here are some numbers.

Type of coffee Size Caffeine
Brewed 8 oz. (237 mL) 95-200 mg
Espresso, restaurant-style 1 oz. (30 mL) 47-75 mg
Type of tea
Black tea 8 oz. (237 mL) 14-70 mg
Green tea 8 oz. (237 mL) 24-45 mg
Tea With Edgar

Edgar’s Blog: Why tea man?

A few of my mates have asked why I added a tea line to my brand With Edgar. So here’s the chat.

One day I met up with some tea peeps and they invited me to a tea tasting. It was at this tea tasting I realized that there is a whole world of tea out there that we just don’t know about. Especially so in The Netherlands. It was at this tea tasting session that I also realized that there is a whole group of young peeps out there who never ever drink loose tea. They are also so unaware of the health benefits of drinking tea.  It became my mission to start up and try and get young peeps interested in drinking loose tea. After all how many café lattes, espressos and cokes can you drink in a day? We need some alternatives with much less caffeine, fat and sugar.  With a few peeps off the street, friends and followers we choose a few new flavours that are easy to drink for people not used to drinking tea. The Drink Tea With Edgar range contains a few pure teas and a  few pure teas blended with herbs and spices. Things seems to be taking off and that I am pleased about. Where next? To develop the pallets of my new clients and make them connoisseurs of tea and show them the endless variations of this wonderful product. I am on a mission, making tea hip!

time 2 chill

Edgar’s Blog: Who says normal is boring?

Hi peeps, all alive, survived the parties? Seen too many pink elephants?

During the last few weeks we have all celebrated Christmas and New Year in style and I do admit that I did over indulge on several occasions, so too lots of my friends it would seem. In fact if I had a euro for everyone this week who said that they were glad to get back to the normal routine then I would be a rich turtle.  If I am honest, this is probably the only time of year that I take the time to appreciate normality. So let’s not misbehave for a moment and appreciate normality. While you do it, sip my lovely detox tea. It contains Sencha green tea, lemon grass, ginger and juniper berries. Each one of the ingredients has a compound to help detox your body and get your system back to that normal mode – normal is not so boring after all.



EDGAR’S BLOG: Happy new year

Happy New Year

Lots of peeps have asked me what my New Year resolution is for 2016. To be honest I don’t really work like that. I have a set of values and I try to put them together in what I do all of the time.

So let me tell you what I try.

  • Enjoy the simple things that make up my everyday life
  • Enrich my day by taking time for tasks that need it
  • Share with friends
  • Love life to the full
  • Be approachable and honest

So this works for me, what works for you? Perhaps you make a New Year resolution every year? Tell me, I’d like to know.