Edgar’s blog: Socks with Edgar

For many, an old friend in a new package with an improved button system. They stay together even better in the wash now. I have introduced a line of straight colours that are a lively match with every outfit. Lively but not OTT at least until you kick your shoes off.  You always have a friend walking with you. The proof is in the turtle.

Go check out my socks!

Edgar’s blog: Drink your socks off

‘’Drink Tea with Edgar’’. Totally new for my old friends. Something to get your teeth into alongside ‘’Take a walk with Edgar’’. Tea & socks “what a funny combination” many have said to me. I give you 10 reasons why I disagree:

  1. They keep you warm
  2. They are soft on your skin
  3. They might be good for your sex life
  4. They are fun to be with
  5. They colour your day
  6. They come in the same box
  7. They are natural products
  8. They work great as gifts
  9. They can improve your street cred
  10. They are great for soles and souls


Give me your take!

Cheers, Edgar

P.s. Thanks for all the love and support last week!