Edgar’s blog: Let me introduce myself

I am Edgar a globetrotting friendly turtle.

About a year ago I swam into the Nhow bar in The Rotterdam (a great new building from Rem Koolhaas on the River Maas, check it out) and bumped into a few Dutchmen (Cloggies as I like to call them).  I quickly made some friends in Rotterdam and they helped me set up a crowdfunding campaign to explore some of my ideas.

For as long as I can remember I have always had cold feet and I can never find matching socks for all four at the same time. With the crowdfunding campaign I raised enough money to produce my line of socks. Not just any old socks. My socks colour your day. They will keep you warm when you have cold feet, they will make you smile when you are feeling down, they will make you happy because when you take Edgar’s socks  out of the washing machine you will realise the never ending search for the other sock is over, now and for ever more. They are made by some of my mates in Portugal. The sock team are a great team to work with. Always happy and obliging. Encouraging for someone who has more feet than most.


Luckily loads of old friends and new friends bought my socks and even some cool stores wanted to sell them.  Some friends even asked for T-shirts and sweaters with a picture of ME on it, what an honour!  That’s how my journey started.


Fast forward to May 2015 during my summer holiday in Sri Lanka,

One day whilst visiting some of my family at the beach I met some tea people. (awesome beaches by the way)  My new tea friends have a huge knowledge and love for tea and it seemed natural for me to work with people who possess so much passion for a product that has been on the market for over 2000 years. That in itself is mind blowing! These tea peeps eat, sleep and dream it and that’s when they are not, growing it, picking it, manufacturing it, tasting it, grading it, selling it and packing it. If  “Tea with Edgar” can infect you with just a little bit of their “teathusiasm”, then we have done a good job. Respect is the word and respect for the whole tea chain is important to my mates and me. All of our real teas (Camelia sinensis var sinensis, var assamica) come from Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) audited tea gardens. The ETP monitoring programme has been running since 1997 and is free of charge to producers.  The  ETP Global Standard covers the key social and environmental issues associated with tea production and helps producers to meet international standards. ETP have spent almost 30 years on improving tea sustainability, the lives of tea workers, and the environment in which tea is produced.


Luckily for my tea mates I love tea because it is a natural product! Almost every turtle does…especially when combined with a few veggies, spices and herbs.  We set to work and made some cool new flavours and developed new tea concepts. As you may have gathered I always like to involve my friends and so we did a few tea tastings and let  the friends choose the products for you. Have you ever tasted tea? Come and join us for a session. It is great! I never knew tea had so much to tell! Mind blowing!


For the future the tea team have lots of new innovative product ideas for Tea with Edgar. Let us hope we can develop them with the help of Edgar’s friends and bring them to you soon.


In the meantime carry on drinking tea, wearing socks and as my take on the old Chinese proverb says  “use Edgar’s  tea and Edgar’s socks to make new friends”.


Cheers Edgar